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Collins Brand - Our Story

Collins brand



COLLINS WATCH COMPANY was established by Jimmy Collins in early 2016. Growing up in New York around his family's medical practice and optical shop, Jimmy's obsession with glasses goes way back. After wearing countless frames made by the same big companies in the same huge overseas factories, he decided it was high time to explore the world of manufacturing and see if maybe just maybe he could make something of his own. He spent months researching and meeting with manufacturers, until he found one who offered the quality and care he knew would be essential for his grand idea. And they happened to be located right in the California Bay Area. With Collins Brand's first line of glasses well underway, Jimmy has started designing new products, including a line of mechanical watches, which the company will launch in the coming months. Jimmy’s goal is to put nothing but care and unceasing perfectionism into every product made by Collins Brand. By combining high style and premium quality with technically advanced components, Jimmy believes Collins Brand can offer something truly unique. Or maybe he's just crazy. Either way, by selling directly to consumers, Collins Brand can offer lower prices for quality that would normally be found only at the top of the market, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Jimmy Collins

Though the family business offered the promise of a nice, predictable career, Jimmy decided to branch off as an artist. He pursued music as a percussionist during his early years and graduated from the Juilliard School's pre-College program in 2002. He then found his way into Harvard University, where he began to explore the visual arts, including filmmaking and design. Graduating in 2007, he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship which took him to South Africa where he pursued a project involving music education and documentary filmmaking in the impoverished townships of Johannesburg. After a few years of globetrotting, Jimmy settled in Los Angeles where he established a video production company, called Man At Large, and built a music and video studio wth Danny Masterson, called Bronson Island. Fascinated by the process of designing and building his studio, Jimmy began tinkering... What else could he make? This eventually led him to create Collins Brand, a company devoted to the production of the highest quality goods, promising beautiful design, honest manufacturing, and innovative technology.

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